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Brad McCraw / Owner/Executive Producer

A 17-year veteran of the Live Production industry, Brad McCraw has had a career in corporate and concert production...designing, producing, operating and leading productions for a wide scale of events from small ballrooms to stadiums.

Fun Fact: Brad is an avid sneaker collector and has over 40 pair.


Robert Roberson / President/Director of Events

A World-traveler with 12+ years of experience in the Corporate Event Industry. Robert excels at creating and implementing event production, operations, and logistics from 100 to 15,000+ attendee corporate events.

Fun Fact: Robert is an avid drummer.


Andrew Knisley / Production Manager/Audio Director

With over 10 years in live production, Andrew is an industry professional with experience, knowledge, and passion for all areas of production…with primary focus on Audio Engineering (FOH / Monitors).

Fun Fact: Andrew is a master at Nintendo’s Mario Kart.


Jennie Lee / Project Manager

Jennie joins the PHX team with years of experience both behind the scenes, and in front of the camera. She manages all sorts of projects, from arranging table linens for clients to assisting back stage making sure the CEOs mic is on just right for a large corporate show. Jennie is involved in all parts of the company and works behind the scenes to make sure our productions run smoothly.

Fun Fact: Jennie has been in a movie with Tom Cruise.